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Cloth Butcher: :Textile Chef - SALSA DRESS

Cloth Butcher: :Textile Chef
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SALSA DRESS - 100% cotton upcycled tee and sweep skirt hook up to go dancing.  Size S/M

Machine wash and dry.

Bust 36  - 38
Waist 32
Hip 45 - 48
Hem circumference  215

More About the Artist

Discarded garments doomed for landfill become the main ingredient for Textile Chef designs. Designer Kathy Benson tracks down distinctive items from thrift and vintage stores, deconstructs them as a butcher would a carcass, seasons them with eclectic treasures from her designer’s pantry, and cooks up new apparel, accessories, and home decor. Every Textile Chef design is a fusion of curated elements--cloth cuisine to please your palate.

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