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Grace Yip Designs- Lavender Love Butt ring

Grace Yip Designs
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Lavender Love baby butt ring is oh so cute! These remind me of the French countryside but with a twist. A kewpie doll butt is embellished with stalks of lavender that are sprinkled with lavender oil for a soothing scent. The Lavender Love Butt is set on a heart shaped base and the adjustable ring will fit most ring sizes. This beautiful and unique ring will add a touch of whimsy for the adventurous spirit. 

About the Artist: Grace Yip is known for bold, one of a  embody a “Be Bright.Be Brave” identity. All creations are made from new and recycled materials. All creations are a result of this vision and a zany mind. 

”For me, the magic has always been in the details. I love to create magical moments and vignettes. Consuming less and creating more is part of my design passion. 

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