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Grace Yip Designs - Red Retro Frida tote bag

Grace Yip Designs
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Red Retro Frida oversized gold tote is a bold and modern illustration of Frida Kahlo. I love the modern feel of  this image. Made from durable nylon and lined with gorgeous electric blue vintage fabric. Designed to be worn on the shoulder or across the body. This oversized tote is beautiful, practical and it’s a piece of wearable art!

About the Artist:

Grace Yip is known for bold, one of a  embody a “Be Bright.Be Brave” identity. All creations are made from new and recycled materials. All creations are a result of this vision and a zany mind. 

”For me, the magic has always been in the details. I love to create magical moments and vignettes. Consuming less and creating more is part of my design passion. 

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