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HPA Mike Jones - Oak Walnut small cutting board

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This is a handmade cutting board 11.4 inches long and 7 inches wide.


Michael Jones, uses much of his time helping foster youth, He is an upcycle, repurpose builder, artist and science teacher,  currently building a Science School Bus. This Science School Bus will tour the United States discovering  science wonders creating an educational video series that aligns with middle school curriculum . 
The Science School Bus is a project born out of the need to provide today's students with something new and engaging that adheres to Covid guideline for education, with Google Slide presentations, worksheets and activities that can be done at home.  The Science School Bus, voyage begins in southwest Nebraska and ends in Sacramento, California uncovering the wild science beyond the walls of the classroom.  
Videos and basic curriculum will be free to learners of all ages and offered through the Science Teacher Jones YouTube page as well as the Science School Bus website. Science is a subject that creates awe and excitement for learners of all ages and with me it is never boring or ordinary.  

Mike Jone's art projects help him build his Science bus and provide support for foster youth.