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Juliet Elise Art - The Resting Place

Juliet Elise Art
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Previously shown at the Verge Gallery, The Resting Place is a colorful, psychedelic self portrait. The artist is pictured resting in a dream-like scene, surrounded by eyes, strange shapes, and mushrooms. Acrylic on canvas, produced in 2022.

About the Artist
Hi! My name is Juliet Elise, a Sacramento visual artist. Art is my tool for cultural, generational and identity exploration. I enjoy using bold colors, contrast, flowing composition, and human elements to create emotional imagery. No style is ‘off limits’ -- I enjoy challenging myself with a broad range of practices from charcoal portraiture to graphic design to mural art. Having skilled experience with a variety of mediums has strengthened my ability to creatively communicate and work on many different scales. I enjoy seeing art expand beyond the canvas and into community spaces; much of my creative experience includes working in these community art spaces as an artist or administrator. Art pushes me to build meaningful connections with the world around me.

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