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Kat Martinez "Radiant Waters"

Kat Martinez
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This diptych has two 12x12 dutch pour canvases. Inspired by flowing water with colors of rich blues, aqua, metallic silver and light grey.

More About the Artist

Kathryn (Kat) Martinez is a local Sacramento creative with a strong passion for the environment and ocean protection. Kat is a local Sacramento based artist.  

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Kathryn (Kat) Martinez is known for her passion for a cleaner environment. She is inspired by our oceans, their health, and their beauty. Martinez expresses the ocean has always called to her. As the oceans get more and more congested with the trash left behind, Martinez's inspiration grows for a healthier ocean. Through her work, you can see her passion as her acrylic paintings give you a view of what she aspires our oceans to be. GoFundMe Page: A Token To Save The Ocean!

I am using the funds from this art to enable me to go and clean the oceans of plastic because if we don't do anything now, we will have by 2050 more plastic in our oceans than fish! Thank you for your support in creating a better world for us to live in!