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Katie-Maed-It - Wavy Checkerboard Reversible Mask

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This pleated cotton mask made by Katie Mae is a two layered reversible mask with a blue and tan wavy checkerboard pattern. The reverse side is a yellow and brown autumnal pattern. This adult large mask comes in a pleated style with white elastic loops for the ears.


Cotton, elastic ear loops

Mask Detail

If a mask comes with a pocket for a filter, filter not included.

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CDC recommends that people wear masks in public settings, like on public and mass transportation, at events and gatherings, and anywhere they will be around other people.

  • Wear masks with two or more layers to stop the spread of COVID-19
  • Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
  • Masks should be worn by people two years and older
  • Masks should NOT be worn by children younger than two, people who have trouble breathing, or people who cannot remove the mask without assistance
  • Do NOT wear masks intended for healthcare workers, for example, N95 respirators
  • CDC does not recommend the use of face shields alone.
  • Evaluation of face shields is ongoing but effectiveness is unknown at this time.