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Maria Canta - Sleeveless Get a Bucket T

Maria Canta
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The artist created this collection inspired by a desire to address the decades old incorrect use of the word Pussy to mean weakness or cowardice, while associating these undesirable qualities with the female reproductive system. The implied message in this insult is that women and any humans that have that organ are weak.

Of course we all know it doesn't take a genius to know that the female reproductive organ is far from weak. Take a moment to ponder what this organ actually does in relation to our existence as a species and you'll quickly see that the negative associations are factually incorrect.

Furthermore, we are quite aware of the detrimental consequences of associating the female reproductive organ with weakness and cowardice. It is time to break this outdated use of language.

The PUSSY tee features the word in military typeface screen printed in off white against a moss green background. This soft tee is made of a combination of cotton and recycled poly. Represent in style!

More About the Artist

Janine Mapurunga is a multifaceted artist who loves to create in a multitude of mediums. A documentary photographer of twenty years, Janine delved into the realm of textiles, where she finds incredible joy playing with vibrant colors. Her inspiration comes from having been raised by her grandma and great grandma in a rural town in Brazil, where food was prepared on a wood-burning stove and clothes were made in a manual singer sewing machine. From these simple family memories comes inspiration for every piece she creates. Volte sempre!

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