Miche Niche - Lavender Sachet - Sacramento . Shop
Miche Niche - Lavender Sachet - Sacramento . Shop

Miche Niche - Lavender Sachet

Miche Niche
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These Lavender Sachets are handmade in Sacramento, CA by Miche Niche. Lavender Sachets are perfect for putting in your drawers to keep your clothes and homes smelling nice. You can also use them in lieu of dryer sheets for an eco-friendly replacement. These sachets come in purple batik, 100% cotton fabric with a white bow. Each sachet is filled with Araceli Farms Lavender certified and naturally grown in Dixon, California. Sold individually.

More About the Artist

Michelle Adcock is the maker and designer behind Miche Niche. This business is where her love of sewing and sustainable living come together. Michelle believes in making eco-friendly, zero waste living accessible for everyone. Living sustainably isn’t about being perfect—it’s about making small changes that add up to big things over time.

Michelle wants to use her products to remind the world: Every little bit helps. Let’s all do small things that add up to big things.

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