Alex Scottish Contoured Mask - Shop Atrium 916
Alex Scottish Contoured Mask - Shop Atrium 916
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Alex Scottish Contoured Mask

Sacramento Costumers
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The Tartan Collection - These re-usable, washable masks with three layers of fabric protection are breathable. These masks come with the fitting adjustable nose wire and 3 layers of fabric for protection. 

Please wash the masks prior to use and do not microwave.

Sheilagh Macafferty, behind Alex Scottish Wears, is a costume designer who founded Sacramento Costumers. Sacramento Costumers, a collective where individuals grow their own brands and work collectively to complete larger projects, such as the opera or masks for the community.

As CEO of the Sacramento Costumers cooperative, she helps people (ages 5-75)  learn or hone their skillset, prepare for a career, learn the trade, build their brands find community with sewing, designing, fashion, costuming, and zero waste practices.
Having started in costuming as Wardrobe Mistress in 1977 with Frederic Apcar Productions, Sheilagh costumed the 2015-16 season at the Pistarckle Theater in St. Thomas, USVI, and is currently costumer to the Sacramento Philharmonic Opera. The April 25th performance of "Barber of Seville", has been rescheduled for November 24, 2020.

Her deep love for Tartans comes also from her background of years of performing as seen here:

Did you know that you can design and register your own tartan? ‘Tis true. For personal, family, business, or organizational use.  Go to:

Sheilagh McCafferty - Tartan Masks for sale - Atrium 916 mask marketplace
Sheilagh Macafferty's most recent last name is Irish. While there are some Irish tartans registered, historically tartans depicting familial ties are a Scottish thing. It is believed that tartans developed when the military Highland Independent Companies introduced the idea of using the pattern for identity between 1725 and 1739. However, the first tartans, inaccurately called plaids in America, were most likely woven in ancient times. There are the tartans of Madras and India, which went on to become part of the Antillian heritage, spreading throughout the Caribbean islands and the gorgeous weaving of color in South America.

   Back in the 1950-80s, her father was the Drum Major for the Sacramento Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders Bagpipe band. The Camerons were the official band to the Camillia Queen’s court, back when Sacramento was known as the Camellia Capital of California. His band and the tartan she wore in Highland dance competitions were the Cameron of Erracht(Modern).

   The City of Sacramento Pipe Band wears the Holyrood Tartan.

This darkened version of Old Campbell is officially used by the Black Watch, 3rd Battalion, Royal Regiment of ScotlandBlack Watch (Royal Highland Regiment); and 42nd Regiment of Foot. The tartan is also among the most common in civilian use, especially popular for formal events and weddings, owing to its muted tones.

The Royal Stuart (or Royal Stewart) tartan, first published in 1831, is the best-known tartan of the royal House of Stuart/Stewart and is one of the most recognizable tartans. Today, it is worn by the regimental pipers of the Black WatchScots Guards, and Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, among other official and organizational uses. It is commonly worn by the general public as a general British symbol, and very popular in the fashion world, though in theory, it is the individual property of Elizabeth II

The fashionable black version of the Stewart tartan is popular in formal wear.

Many Families commissioned subdued, green, and brown tone versions of their tartans for hunting. The one offered in a mask is very likely a fashion plaid but is similar to the Manley hunting tartan.

This fashion fabric, popular for its minimalism, is much like the Erskine, Scott, and McFarlane tartans.

The colorful tartan offered in the current mask collection is a fashion fabric, she has coined" Brighten Your Day”. This tartan is for all of us, we’re in this together, one big human family.

Visit Sheilagh.Studio to learn more about her brands
Sheilagh Designs, Alex Scottish Wears, Earth Arts n Culture, and Uppity Upcycle Couture.

This online mask marketplace shopping experience is provided by the nonprofit The Atrium -a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability. Seeking to build a kind, creative and sustainable future for all.  Creatives on this mask marketplace are using the funds raised from these masks to buy supplies to make free masks for those on the front lines and those in need. 

Up Kindness, Inc is the 501c3 nonprofit legal entity that houses the Atrium and all its projects.