shards and splinters---Heart in Gorgeous Reds

shards and splinters---Heart in Gorgeous Reds

shards and splinters
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This mix of beautiful reds creates a heart set in a textured clear glass and sanded grout.  It measures 9 x 11 x 3/4" and is framed in a weathered white wood.  It is ready for hanging or it can sit on a window sill,  or in photo easel on a table or desk. 

For cleaning use a microfiber towel or a dry paint brush. *Please note the frame and glass are upcycled and may have some wear and tear.


More About the Artist


Nancy Wahlstrom’s wine barrel fell apart. She took a ring and a couple of staves and asked her friend, a traditional leaded stained glass artist, Jackie if she could create a piece of yard art for her. She handed Nancy a box of broken dirty glass and said, “No, but you can.” That was October of 2017.


Nancy has been playing with glass since, created 25+ commissioned pieces, shipped to Florida, Texas, Ohio, Oregon, and all over California. Her largest piece was 60” x 40" based on images from the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama. Nancy has probably made between 200-300 pieces to date. 


Nancy’s studio is in her backyard, frames are found at garage sales, Goodwill, and construction sites. Nancy works at night, morning, in the rain, and up to 83 degrees. Shards and splinters have taken a toll on Nancy’s hands, yet she still loves playing with the glass. Now being part of the Atrium, brings her full circle, since her first show with UpcyclePop in the winter of 2018.


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