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Tami's Infinite Designs - Ukraine Flag

Tami’s Infinite Designs
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15X20 inches, Mixed Media, Ukraine Flag Painting.  When Russia attacked Ukraine, I envisioned their flag representing before war and after it started.  The blue has people living their lives and the yellow is scratched and represents the losses Ukrainians have endured.  This was painted on an old plaque to reuse what I have.

My name is Tami Cooper.  I have hit my 60’s and recently retired from 33 years of teaching high school mathematics.  I have always connected math with art.  I find both to be creative.  For example, How can I present an abstract algebraic concept in a new way that students can grasp?  Or, How can I take something old and completely change it so it has a new life?  Linearity, geometry, patterns, abstractions, reflections, symmetry are fundamental elements for both math and art.

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