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The Salvaged Bag - Bright Striped Basket Purse

The Salvaged Bag
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This one of a kind basket purse is nice and roomy. Created from 100% upcycled materials, it was made with an upcycled basket, bright cheery placemats and a leather belt. It was machine sewn and then handstitched to the basket.
Diameter 10 inches
Height 11 inches
Strap Drop 8 inches

About the Artist

Deanna has had a passion for textiles, both vintage and modern, for many years. This passion lead to a curated collection of textiles discovered at estate sales, antique fairs, benefit shops and anywhere else that pre-loved textiles can be found. The Salvaged Bag has a goal of creating beautiful, one of a kind, purses, bags and totes using upcycled, reimagined and repurposed textiles. 

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