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Lorna M Designs - Bike Tube Convertible Bike/Crossbody Bag

Lorna M Designs
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I'm a handy size crossbody purse made from used bicycle and motorcycle inner tubes!

Each bag is unique but most measure about 7" tall x 12" wide x 2" deep with a detachable strap that unsnaps to attach bag to bicycle handlebars or frame and snaps on to wear crossbody or over the shoulder.

No lining means I'm easy to clean with a sponge or towel. 

See more from Lorna M Designs at : sacramento.shop/LornaMDesigns


My name is Lorna Miser. I've been a creator my whole life. From sewing to knitting, raising the furry farm animals, spinning and dyeing their wool to ceramics and jewelry making, I play in all of it.  My style is often very girly and feminine and leans heavily toward the color purple, but I do make something for everyone! My need to create is what keeps me happy!

I make all of the products myself using as many upcycled materials as possible. Look for leather coats, quilts, doilies, tablecloths, purse hardware, and damaged vintage pieces. All are destined for the landfill and given a new, beautiful start. I design many different sizes and types of purses, bags, and backpacks. Each one is individually planned out depending on the variety of materials I choose. I also work with bike inner tubes, faux leather, and faux fur (from a pom pom company!) to make wallets, coin pouches, and jewelry. Thank you for supporting local makers here on Sacramento.Shop